Borderlands Co-op Broken on PS3

Posted by mixmoff On October - 21 - 2009

It might be more fitting if he was shooting himself in the foot...
Day one purchasers of Borderlands on PS3 were faced with an unpleasant surprise on Tuesday: the game’s co-op mode is completely borked.

PS3 users from all over are experiencing several game-breaking issues including their friends not showing up in the in-game friends list, 30 minute freezes when opening the online public game list, and lag-filled experiences if they do manage to connect. In this author’s experience, my in-game friends list consists of only 1 person, someone I unfriended months ago.

Considering the game is being sold on the promise of a seamless drop-in/drop-out co-op experience, this kind of lack of thorough QA is hard for PS3 users to accept, and they are responding quite vocally on the Gearbox Forums. Gearbox did not respond when asked for a timeline on the patch they are no doubt scrambling to compile.

Update from Gearbox:

Scott Velasquez (a Gearbox Software Engineer) has posted the following in the Gearbox Community thread on this issue:

Update on the North American PS3 Friends Interface issue:

We’ve identified the problem and are working on a fix.
Believe it or not, the friends feature was heavily tested by Gearbox and 2K. However, this particular issue we found could have never manifested itself in our or 2K’s test environments.

We’ll find out very soon if the issue exists for the PS3 International versions of the Borderlands. If it does, we’ll hopefully have a fix implemented before it affects those customers.

We are doing everything we can to get this problem addressed as quickly as possible. Thanks to everybody who provided us with tons of information.

Update 2:

Gearbox has worked very quickly with its partners to identify and resolve the issue users have been reporting with the PS3 version of Borderlands relating to friends lists on PSN

We are very pleased to report that using PSN friends lists with the game should now work properly for all PS3 customers. The fix has been released invisibly and should work automatically for all PSN users on the PS3 platform. No special action is required by PS3 customers to apply the fix – just play the game and you’ll find that everything works fine now. We thank you all for your patience and for making us aware of the issue!

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