Level 5 – The Twewy Show

Posted by mixmoff On October - 2 - 2009

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This week is a self-proclaimed awesome train wreck with fireworks… and ninjas.

Crit or Quit:
Aria of Sorrow, The World Ends with You, Eat Lead, Zombie Apocalypse, Touhou 6, Chaos Legion, Lost Planet 2

Level Builder
This week we break down “leveling up”! E.V.O., Demon’s Souls, Devil May Cry, and (of course) Fallout 3.

End Game:
We take a moment to focus on some of our favorite games from the developer Level-5!

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8 Responses to “Level 5 – The Twewy Show”

  1. avatar DestinedCruz says:


    Also, I get my name specifically from this piece of music:


    It’s my favourite piece of video game music like, ever. Also, it is from the worst Castlevania in the series (Lament of Innocence).

    Also, Waiter Skeleton is the greatest soul EVER.

    On the subject of Active Time Battles. That was the system used in FF4-9, turn based but with a countdown timer. You guys are thinking of real-time >_________>

  2. avatar NeuRoTicZ says:

    That was by far the most entertaining podcast so far! Funny shit. I’m not being sarcastic, I think it makes for a better show when you guys fuck up and talk shit about each other (not to mention the hate Aevan has for Goji) :)

  3. avatar DestinedCruz says:

    “We don’t actually hate each other! D:”

    Says you.