Level 7 – The We Heart Cruz Show

Posted by mixmoff On October - 16 - 2009
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Mixmoff and Aevan discuss Eternal Sonata, Uncharted 2, Dead Space, Bayonetta, and Sword of the New World. We also dive into some listener questions and work out the pronunciation of Aevan’s name!

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4 Responses to “Level 7 – The We Heart Cruz Show”

  1. avatar Beeman says:

    Huh…DDO doesn’t hide anything from their customers…and you don’t have to pay real-world currencies to purchase those dungeons. I’ve purchased a dungeon and a couple other cash-shop items in DDO without having spent a dime…and you should know that Avon(I totally calls her Avon to mock the similarity between the two).

    Aside from that, cruz is awesome. Good choice for gamer of the week.

    Also, creepy hair clothes chick is creepy. Creeeeeeeepy.

    Anyhoo, nice work guys. Can’t wait ’till next week’s show :D