Level 9 – The Borderlands Rules Show

Posted by mixmoff On October - 30 - 2009
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Mixmoff and Aevan are joined by a special guest this week, blog author DestinedCruz! Discussion of Left4Dead 2, Borderlands, Small Worlds, and MAG (thanks for the beta key NavalHawk75!) We also answer a listener question and run down the big games still to come this year!

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2 Responses to “Level 9 – The Borderlands Rules Show”

  1. avatar Beeman says:

    So, I totally did what avon did in left4dead2. I went to the first safehouse and was runnin’ around goin’ “man where does I goes now? D:”

    Man, the comment about valve not being able to figure out how to code for PS3. It’s not that they can’t figure it out…it’s just not worth the hassle. Gabe once noted during an interview that he hates porting his games for consoles. My opinion is that console players are tards and don’t appreciate the art that valve spews out. However, it’s most likely a cost efficiency thing. Sony aren’t very…erm…it’s just not worth it porting games for the PS3.

    Buuut, my personal opinion is that PC is the best gaming platform no matter what. Better control, better visuals, better multiplayer…just better everything 😀

    Additionally, cruz was good guest man. Make cruz be more guest man more. Ork Beeman demand funny talking britlandish man 😮

  2. avatar mondt says:

    I just picked up Borderlands for PS3.

    Sorry Cruz, still no functioning PC.


    I need friends to play it with!

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