Honoring Independent Developers: Tipoli

Posted by Aevan On December - 6 - 2009

All of us here behind the scenes at Fall Damage believe that all great developers get their start with nothing more than an idea, a dream, and a passion to see it through..  To celebrate and honor this ideal, we will be bringing you new games that we’ve found through our adventures.  Hopefully, this will mean that we will do our small part to see up and coming developers reach the rank and prestige of companies such as Level 5, Valve and Naughty Dog.

This week I would like to introduce you to a marvelous little game called Tipoli.  It’s a one button iPhone game with huge potential and unlimited fun brought to our eager hands by Proper Walrus and published by Divide By Zero Games.  If you are craving something indubitably addictive and you just happen to have an iPhone at your disposal than there is truly no reason not to go and get yourself a copy of Tipoli.

The good news gets even better once you hear that for the first week Tipoli is only 99 cents in the apps store!  Yes, you read that right.  Only 99 Cents, People.  So go out there, support those big time dreamers with even bigger ideas, and who knows what wonderous things we might see from them in the future!

Oh, and for those who want the game but just can’t be bothered searching for it?  [I know, the internet is a scary place. o_o]  Here is a direct link for download!  Or, if you want to read more about the developers themselves, and the process that Tipoli has gone through to become what it is now; here is a link for your reading enjoyment

And because writing a whole article with piles of information would mean that I’d have to pretend to be an actual journalist, keep your ears open for a future podcast [fingerscrossed] hopefully interviewing one of the Proper Walrus team!

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