Console Loyalty is for Idiots

Posted by Pete On July - 24 - 2010

Have you ever read an article on a website or a thread on a forum about a console or a game for a console you don’t have?  Have you then made a blanket statement slamming said game or console because, basically, you don’t have it?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you, my friend, are an idiot.

But that’s obvious.  I mean, if you posted something as nonsensical as that on an internet medium hiding behind your anonymity its probable you were also mawing down on Cheetos and alt-tabbing to check on your stealthed Rogue in Astranaar, waiting to gank lowbie newbs.  Because, I mean, they deserve it right?  Newbs…

But there is a more common form of idiot hiding amongst us.  A much more nefarious one.  One who likes to disguise themselves in large words and false bravado.  One, who, with their keyboard as their sword, cuts through any opinion that differs from their own like Marty McFly through a field of nursery pines.

You may have experienced someone like this.  You may have been minding your own business, browsing an internet message board and come across a thread for a new DS game you have some interest in.  You casually, and maybe even innocently click the title and proceed to scroll through anonymous thoughts.  And soon enough, sure enough, you come across a post with no more content then something like “The DS is for kids.”

“Huh…” you may start thinking to yourself.  “I’m not a kid though…”  And you’d be right!  (assuming you aren’t a kid of course… unless you are, and uh… then… you’re wrong!)  Now, we don’t know whats going on in this person’s life or head to make such a statement.  Maybe they have adult acne, maybe they get beat up on the way home by a group of neighborhood kids.  We don’t know.  What we do know is that they’re an idiot.

Another form of idiot hiding in the bush, waiting to pounce on your innocent statement about how you love the level editor in Little Big Planet is the one who may refer to the Playstation as the Gaystation.


BUT — it gets better.  Because assuredly another idiot will eventually pounce back on this statement with a derogatory comment about Microsoft and retort how XBox Live at $49.99 a year is an absolute rip-off and the PSN totally OwNZ because its like, free y0.  And within micro internet seconds, they will be insulting each other’s mothers.

There have been a few other people in history who liked to use blanket statements that are more or less bashing and hating on other groups without any logic or rationale besides the fact that they are different from them.  I’ll let you *ahem* use your imagination figure out who that may be.

Here’s the thing friends.  (Notice the softer switch in nouns as I’m about to make my point)  If you’re reading this you most likely play video games.  So as a gamer, the thing to realize is that when there are more players in the industry competing for your dollar — YOU’RE THE ONE WHO WINS.  If there was only one player in the industry, the medium would stagnate.

If Sega never came along and challenged Nintendo’s market share we may have never gotten shoulder buttons.  If Sony had never come along, we may have never gotten analog control because Nintendo wouldn’t have been challenged to raise the bar, and we definitely wouldn’t have gotten Twisted Metal.  Without XBox we may be exchanging friend codes forever.

So I get it, video games and their respective console counterparts are expensive.  Really expensive.  You have to make a choice sometimes about which one you pour your hard earned cash into.  After doing so, you want to make sure you made the right decision.  Well, are you having fun with it?  Then you made the right decision.  And really, in this console age, you can’t go wrong.  All three of the major players as well as the handhelds have really great content to offer.  Lots of great content.

So don’t be an idiot, idiot.

Oh, and PC gamers.  Get off your horse, and if you need a ladder you can borrow mine.  Its really high.

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11 Responses to “Console Loyalty is for Idiots”

  1. avatar Joe says:

    Only reason I don’t agree is that console loyalty is no different than rooting for a sports team.

    You’re just rooting for a bunch of rich guys to be successful so that they can make more money.

    How is being, say, a card carrying (literally) member of Red Sox Nation that hates the Yankees any different than say, rooting for Microsoft to squash Sony?

    • avatar Dr. Scares says:

      It’s a good point, but there’s a difference. In sporting, you’re rooting for your team to win. The team wins. And only one of them. In a multi platform gaming industry, it doesn’t really matter which company wins, because the consumer wins. Thats the point. The companies compete against themselves so that all gamers can be the winners.

  2. avatar juuken says:

    I don’t have a loyalty towards a company but I have a preference. And it will never change. That’s all I’m saying. That doesn’t mean I’m not open minded towards other consoles.

  3. avatar Dirk says:

    Let’s see if I can sum up what this article is trying to tell me: Competition is Good, Monopolies are mostly bad.

  4. avatar datdude says:

    Competition drives everything. Gaming would suck if one brand usurped the others to become the lone option. Gaming would eventually die without choice. It is because these manufacturers have to compete that we have innovation and the industry moves forward. All the fanboys who are too foolish to realize this need to take macroeconomics and wake the #$#$ up. Because when you blindly follow one console, you really root for the death of the medium as we know and love it.

  5. avatar Project says:

    I enjoyed this article. I grant 4 out of 5 stars, requires more boobies.

  6. avatar Sylvain says:

    Console loyalty is required… (Depend of your budget.)

    It’s sad but this is it. Why ? Because since Sony and Microsoft have two different ways for coding games, small developers have to choose one or the other. SO by staying loyal with one company, you encourage small developers to make games on your console because the market increase.

    Asides this point, It’s also good for the industry because since Sony and Microsoft compete for your money, both have interested that you buy the 360 or the PS3.

    I say chose a console and assume it, encourage it, and stick with it.

    PC compete with x360, ps3 and ps3 compete with 360 and wii. So ps3 has a big advantage for both types of players but 360 focus more hardcore (so why the kinect ? It’s seem dangerous at best…)

    And if you are rich enough… Well encourage all industry !

    It’s like relationship… At some point, you have to chose and show some… loyalty but if you are rich enough well… you have more latitude to … enjoy life.

  7. avatar Mephistopholes (totally not Mephianse) says:

    dood, you must be an xbots! wat is your doctorate even in, being wrong? sony fo life, nintendo is for childs and old people lolz

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