MINUS WORLD – The Truncated Show

Posted by mixmoff On June - 1 - 2011

Slither’s a gremlin… that’s the only explanation. Twice we’ve tried having him on the show… twice over a span of more than 7 months. And both times he broke the world. The entire world.

This time I managed to have enough bits and pieces left over to glue together and serve as a warning to future civilizations. We’re calling this show the MINUS WORLD, because it’s not really a level unto itself, and we only got here by some terrible Skype warp.

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2 Responses to “MINUS WORLD – The Truncated Show”

  1. avatar Slither says:

    Ah geeze. I would guess it was my computer…but last time it was a different computer, and a different internet connection. So…I just have some terrible lucks, I guess. Man, Pete got cut out entirely. Ah well, here ya go Scares, found an image that agrees with you on LA Noire: http://gameovernation.com/archives/1131

    Either way, was fun being on, and at the risk of sounding repetitive, thanks again for having me.

    Also, Minecraft 1.6.6 dropped as well. :p

    -Mason “The Gremlin” ‘Williams’ signing off. :)

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