Level 150 – The Final Show

Posted by mixmoff On December - 23 - 2012

It took 6 co-hosts, three and a half years, and 150 episodes to reach this moment. As Adam, Dan, and Pete convene for the last episode of Fall Damage, we take a look at our Fallie award winners for the year (Best Story, Best Gameplay, Best Online/Multiplayer Experience, Best Soundtrack, Best Character, Best New IP, and Game of the Year.) We get a little drunk, a lot nostalgic, and close the podcast out with our longest episode ever.

Thanks to Aevan, Niki, Goji, Ben Daniels, Jim Hunter, Aaron Phokal, David Hughes, Todd Fuller, Adam Cogswell, Linthus, JJ, Mephianse, Gennataos, J.J., Dan, Peter, JB Walton, Paul Taylor, Greg Kasavin, Team Meat, Joel Kinnunen, Chandana Ekanayake, and everyone else who made doing this show so richly rewarding.

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